APEX Growth Method Reviews

Here’s what clients are saying about APEX Growth Method…

Why Apex Growth Method?

  • Learn from industry leaders who scaled Lyft, Warner Brothers, 23andMe, and more

  • Exclusive lead-gen strategies to attract mid-market companies

  • Hyper-targeted cold outbound methods to pursue bigger clients

  • Expertise in explosive growth and rapid expansion

  • Mentorship to navigate complex client relationships

  • Battle-tested playbooks and proven "Land and Expand" approach

  • Hiring guidance for world class fulfillment 

  • Risk mitigation resources to avoid common pitfalls

  • Creative & copywriting templates, AI Prompts, and CustomGPTs

  • Access to our global network of white-label agencies and service providers

Brands We've Worked With


"I'm Able To Now Land… Bigger… Better Clients"

"Apex has helped me transform [my] positioning and become more of a growth partner and with that, I'm able to now land…bigger… better clients that are willing to pay more because they're willing to do more in their business, too. Also, the hands-on support was huge…. I would have a direct connection to the team on a daily basis to just ask questions or to vent because it's not an easy journey."


CEO, Crawford Digital Marketing

"Not Just Quick Hacks…. This Was The Real Deal"

"Being able to think about strategically approaching midsize or larger clients and understand how to position yourself, how to set…your entire deal up for success, how to protect your long-term business…. I loved how the entire program was really geared towards different phases of agency success… not just quick hacks that you find out there on the Internet or on a Facebook ad somewhere. This was the real deal."


Owner, Agency Bell

"What They're Teaching They're Currently Doing"

"Number one, these guys are actually masters of their craft…. and what they're teaching they're currently doing. They're not teaching something that they were doing a couple of years ago. There are no holdbacks, so the curtains are completely pulled back: ‘here's documents, here's videos, here's SOPs.’ Four times a week having access on the group calls is unheard of! Their resources are very easily accessible, and every single person that I've interacted with has been a complete like champion…."


Managing Director, Think Big Media

"I've Been In A Lot Of Marketing Programs…. This Has Been The Best!"

"I've been in a lot of marketing programs. I mean a lot. And this has been the best…. The results not only that [they’ve] gotten, the campaign structure…all that – I've learned so much…. The quality of people [they] have in the program means [we] are much more able to walk up to bigger companies and be more valuable, which I didn't have the confidence to do until I joined the program."


Founder, Higher Gross

"The Ways We've Been Taught… I Would Never Go Back…"

"So previously…we would get on a call with like a client and…they were…a little bit smaller…[but] we would just work with them because… we wanted to get more people and…keep growing revenue for the agency. And now it's gonna change us to be a lot more selective with the people that we work [with]…we're certain we can provide results for these types of companies because of the extensiveness of the audit that we're doing. So…overall, the ways that we've been taught in Apex Growth Method, I would never go back and change that decision."


CEO, Apex Brands

"...Would Recommend To Agency Owners Tired Of Dealing With A Lot Of Clients…"

"I would recommend it to agency owners tired of dealing with a lot of clients, who have super high demands, and are paying very little…. I would recommend it to agency owners who are in the mid-ground…dealing with clients who are…maybe a little bit more sophisticated, but are still looking to move upmarket into larger deals."


CEO, Blackswan Agency

"They’re Just A Sea of Knowledge"

"They were able to go through my contracts and actually dive deep. [They were like] ‘...you're being so nice to your clients…but you need to be compensated for the extra things that you're doing…’ [I had a] strategic meeting with the client and…the CEO was…impressed…from how in-depth I was [at] explaining what I was doing. I took all the resources that Apex gave to me, and I'm like, ‘I'm going to my other returning clients who are doing the same thing.’ And I was able to uplevel again!

…Dive down and take the resources that Apex gives to you, or if you have any inquiries…just reach out…. They're just a sea of knowledge. They can really help you get to the place that you want to go."


Founder, Walton Creative Group

"[Seeing] How They Actually Manage $10, $25, $50 Million In Ad Spend…Was A Fundamental Shift For Me"

"So working with Apex has been amazing because – as director of Paid Media at ClickFunnels – being able to see how they actually manage 10, 25, 50 million in ad spend on a monthly basis for these global brands was a fundamental shift for me. It actually created a situation where I learned the concepts, the strategies, and really the frameworks to build successful strategies…. When taking a look at Apex, I didn't want it to be just another course on ‘this is how you run Facebook ads or Google Ads,’ and I was happy to find out that it was more than that. It was, ‘This is how you build a foundational framework for a marketing platform to be able to build on top of it for a global brand.’"


Ex-Director of Paid Media, ClickFunnels

"The Course And The Instructors Are Just Incredible"

"The course and the instructors are just incredible. I have an established agency and we've been around for five years. I learned a lot to polish and to be able to get in front of the larger enterprise customers and be able to have more intelligent conversations that are on [their] level…. And the metrics and the resources, the bonuses alone from this course…are worth it. If you have the opportunity to take it, go ahead and take it. Five stars for sure!


Agency Owner, Click and Convert

"[Apex Has] Given Us The Frameworks And Structure…To Grow…"

…I've taken the specific frameworks from Apex, and just followed exactly what they did…. The main impact that I've got out of the Accelerator program is building the team up. And also scaling my own skill sets in the specific role that I'm in because me and my partner, we've been…into every single part of the business, where we're just jumbling everything back and forth. And we did have roles and responsibilities, but we didn't have a clear direction of where we needed to go…. [Apex has] given us the frameworks and structure, and the 1:1 coaching has definitely helped…. us to grow in our own individual roles.


COO / Co-Founder, Henge


"It's The People… That Are Spoken About In Very Small Circles"

"The reason why you should…consider working with people like David [at Apex], is that the people that know how things actually work – that have been in the trenches about building really high scale things at the highest levels – are not…out there blogging on LinkedIn, constantly creating brands on Twitter and shouting to the world. It's the people you don't hear about that are spoken about in very small circles, and the people that are recommended by the people running really large companies. And David is one of those people…."


VP of Product, Discord

"...My Biggest Moments Of Respect For David Was…When I Was Working Against Him."

“One of my biggest moments of respect for David was actually not when I was working with him, but when I was working against him…. The complexity of his optimizations…the data infrastructure, the way he…brings this integration of the two spaces of marketing and data is extremely important. And there's very few people like him in this space. I definitely recommend David as an expert in this field.…”


Chief Growth Officer, Ex-Uber, Ex-Expedia

"Some Of The Most Technical Marketers I Have Worked With"

"I think David and Dave are definitely some of the most technical marketers I have worked with. When I look back upon my time at FoxNext, I really view those two years spent working with Dave and David as a time where my own learning curve accelerated exponentially…. If you have a chance to work with them in a professional capacity, just go for it! I wouldn't think twice."


VP of Growth Marketing, Ex-FoxNext; Ex-Zoosk

"They Have Really Good Processes For Everything"

"What I really think Apex has figured out compared to a lot of other agencies is they have really good processes for everything – from client onboarding to…setting up the cadence of how to work with a client during engagement, which makes [sure] nobody feels they wasting their time and…leads to results in minimal friction...."


Head of Growth, Shopify

"No Better Place To Learn…Than From The Pros At Apex"

"...If you're starting your own agency, the reason you would wanna learn from Apex is… because they're the best at it. They've got a lot of experience, they've been in your shoes before. They have gone through trials and tribulations and they've succeeded and they have built a really trustworthy name for themselves. There's a lot of individuals, a lot of companies…seek[ing] to learn as much as they can from the folks at Apex and have an inside track to…learn how they think, how…they manage clients. I think they're the best in the business. There's no better place to learn how to do this than from the pros at Apex."


VP of Marketing, Ex-23andMe, Ex-Expedia

"...I Practically Couldn't Have Done The Job Without David…"

"There were times where I practically couldn't have done the job without David…because I needed his energy, his passion, and to…rally his team…as a true partner. I think what makes Dave and Apex…such a great experience… [is] it never felt like it was an outsourced team. It felt like a partner that [we] were working with in the trenches…. The simplest things can sometimes make the biggest impact, and Apex was able to find that out for us."


Head of Growth, Ex-Shopify, Ex-Starz

DISCLAIMER: These member satisfaction reviews and character reviews from industry leaders are presented to showcase how we successfully serve our clients in the Apex Agency Accelerator as growth marketing experts. These reviews reflect the opinions, findings, or experiences of individuals who have typically purchased education and training. Results vary and are not typical, depending on individual effort, time, skill, as well as unknown conditions and other factors. We do not track earnings or financial performance. Instead, we monitor completed transactions and the satisfaction of services through voluntary surveys. Results indicate that most clients who apply the advanced training see improvement. However, it is important to note that completed sales transactions do not necessarily equate to financially successful transactions. Additionally, many customers do not continue with the program, fail to apply what they learn, or encounter challenges in achieving successful sales. By leveraging our proven strategies, you'll be better positioned to pursue higher-value clients with confidence and professionalism.

2024 APEX GROWTH. All right reserved.

2024 APEX GROWTH. All right reserved.