Finally, your ticket to the

Finally, your ticket to the

Big League

Big League

Our online coaching programs, crafted for freelance media buyers, consultants, and agency owners, deliver game-changing strategies taught by the growth leaders who elevated Lyft & Marvel Strike Force past $300M+. Amplify your ads business with our proven frameworks.

OUR Programs

OUR Programs


Master the Art of Closing High MRR Deals

Unlock your potential with our 5-week on-demand course, curated for ambitious media buyers, marketing consultants, and agency owners. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to attract and impress high-budget clients.

During this course, you'll learn:

  • Scale Your Business Fast: Unlock the secret to attracting high-budget clients and scale your business beyond your current reach with our 5-week course.

  • Become a Master of Growth Audits: Delve into enterprise-level growth audits, spotting hidden growth problems and providing powerful, rapid solutions for big-name clients.

  • ​Speak Like a Global Marketing Executive: Hone your "corporate" language skills to pitch and communicate with global marketing executives confidently and proficiently.

  • ​Deliver Rapid Results with Proven Methodologies: Leverage our tried-and-true strategies to consistently deliver fast, impressive results for high-value clients, ensuring their long-term commitment.

  • Unlock Creative Strategies for Success: Learn to audit and enhance creative strategies, conversion rate optimization, and more, with specific templates and example scopes of work.

  • ​Exceed Expectations with Growth Operation Audits: Stand out by offering the support your clients didn't even know they needed, performing enterprise-level audits of their growth operations and program management

  • Plan for Success with Advanced Roadmapping: Develop comprehensive campaign roadmaps, impressing your clients and building trust even before signing the deal. Learn to manage bigger budgets and improve campaign structures for increased efficiency and growth.

Apex Sales Accelerator

Fast-Track to Landing Major Deals

Apex Sales Accelerator is a transformative monthly group coaching program, meticulously designed for freelance media buyers, marketing consultants, and agency owners seeking to land high-value clients. Through direct mentorship from our co-founders and president, we'll guide you past common pitfalls in client acquisition and deal closure, ensuring a smoother path to success.

  • Your journey with us includes a monthly "What's Working NOW" Sales Livestream, where you'll dive deep into our elite sales strategies. This is the heart of the program, where we share real-time insights on what's propelling us to success in the current market.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our monthly A.I. Sales Secrets" video module, where we unveil how we're leveraging advanced AI tools to slash our prospecting time by a staggering 80%. You'll learn the art of utilizing these tools to supercharge your sales efficiency.

  • And to ensure you stay connected and motivated, we offer weekly LIVE group "Q&A" and motivation calls. Here's your opportunity to have your pressing questions answered by industry veterans and keep your momentum soaring.

  • Moreover, you'll gain access to our exclusive private community of ambitious, success-driven media buyers and agency owners. In this space, knowledge is exchanged, feedback enriches, and growth is a shared journey.

Every "What's Working NOW" livestream will cover crucial topics such as:

  • The Art of Outbound Sales: We'll expose our B2B outbound marketing tactics, empowering you to replicate our success.

  • Crafting High-Stakes Proposals: Observe us in action and glean insights to craft winning proposals for heavyweight clients.

  • Decoding B2B Inbound Marketing: Uncover our secret sauce for generating a flood of inbound leads.

  • Demystifying Infosec Compliance: Illuminate your path to Infosec adherence, a critical checkpoint on your journey to winning contracts.

  • And more!

With Apex Sales Accelerator, you'll never feel like you're closing high-stakes deals alone, you'll avoid costly errors, and you won't have to 'guess your way through' each step. Instead, you'll have a seasoned team guiding you at every turn, a powerhouse community supporting you, and a treasure trove of tried-and-true strategies at your disposal. This is more than just a program; it's your fast track to conquering major deals and achieving unprecedented success

Apex Growth Mastery

Unlocking Scale for Billion-Dollar Brands

Apex Growth Mastery is your golden ticket to transforming your media buying prowess, offering a comprehensive on-demand course over six weeks that enables you to master the proven ad system we used to skyrocket giants like Lyft and Marvel Strike Force to over $300 million+ per year. We've cracked the code to the high-stakes game of handling $1M, $5M, or even $10M per month in ad spend, and now, we're passing on that wealth of knowledge to you. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, and witness your monthly recurring revenue quadruple as you apply these strategies in your professional pursuits.

  • Skyrocket Your Media Buying Impact: Harness the same advertising system we used to propel industry behemoths like Lyft and Marvel Strike Force to a staggering $300 million+ per year - instantly leveling up your media buying game.

  • Master High-Stakes Ad Management: Learn the secrets to confidently and profitably manage $1M, $5M, or even $10M per month in ad spend - no more imposter syndrome, only real, professional confidence.

  • Experience 4X Growth in MRR: Implement our proven strategies and watch your monthly recurring revenue quadruple - no longer settling for the small gains of the past.

  • Land Big-Fish Clients: We equip you with the playbook to land, expand and manage high-ticket clients - positioning yourself as an authority and attracting more qualified leads.

  • Equip Yourself with Billion-Dollar Playbooks: Take a deep dive into our comprehensive growth marketing strategies - proven in the field and ready to be implemented.

  • Communicate like a C-Suite Pro: Learn how to present performance results and growth strategies to high-level executives - effectively selling your ideas and value.

  • Secure Your Spot in the Bigger Pond: With Apex Growth Mastery, you're not just another fish in the sea. You're joining the ranks of high-performing media buyers and marketers, ready to take on the industry's giants.

2023 APEX GROWTH. All right reserved.

2023 APEX GROWTH. All right reserved.